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A B G cyl.jpg (43247 bytes) G or R Cyl  4" Bore,  A Cyl  3" Bore, and B Cyl  2 1/2" Bore 

DSC01060 z.jpg (69108 bytes) Cylinder for Model G or R Ser #4RC21781 Completely Rebuilt: New Chrome Plated Piston Rod, 2 ea Treated Paper Spacers, 2 ea Packing U Cup, V Seal Assy and New Gaskets. Perfect Condition. One of a Kind. 

DSC01002 z.jpg (21237 bytes) Item #5 (Models G, A, B or R Cylinder) AR1362R  Pin, Attaching

F 898 R End Cap.jpg (62483 bytes) Item #7 F898R End Cap G & R Cylinder (Ser#4RC6903-UP) 

Item #7 AA3578R End Cap A Cylinder (Ser#3-RC26259-146999) 

Item #7 B2744R End Cap B Cylinder (Ser#RC22901-UP)

DSC01023 z.jpg (10800 bytes) Item #9 (Models G, R, A or B Cylinders) A3581R Spring Pin  

DSC01427 z.jpg (63392 bytes) Item #10 F829R Gasket (Model G or R Cylinders) 

Item #10 A3164R Gasket (Model A Cylinder) 

Item #10 B2163R Gasket (Model B Cylinder) 

C 1104 R Nut.jpg (7784 bytes) Item #11 (Models G or R Cylinders) C1104R Nut  

Item 11 (Model A Cylinder) A1000R Nut 

Item 11 (Model B Cylinder) C760R Nut 

DCP_0308 z.jpg (7319 bytes) Item #13 F1027R Retainer (G or R Cylinder) 

Item #13 A4229R Retainer (Model A Cylinder) 

Item #13 B2873R Retainer (Model B Cylinder) 

DCP_0315 z.jpg (9066 bytes) Item #14 F834R Packing-U-Cup (Model G or R Cylinder) 

Item #14 A3169R Packing-U-Cup (Model A Cylinder) 

Item #14 B2168R Packing-U-Cup (Model B Cylinder) 

DCP_0314 z.jpg (10364 bytes) Item #15 F919R Treated Paper Washer (Model G or R Cylinder)

Item #15 A3952R Treated Paper Washer (Model A Cylinder) 

Item #15 B2795R Treated Paper Washer (Model B Cylinder) 

AF 1105 R Piston.jpg (151602 bytes) Item #16 AF1105R Piston G or R Cylinders  

Item#16 AA4493R Piston A Cylinder  

Item #16 AB3963R Piston B Cylinder 

DCP_0307 z.jpg (5905 bytes) Item #35 AF872R V Seal Assy for G and R Cylinder

Item 35 AA3741R V Seal Assy for A Cylinder

Item #35 AB3381R V Seal Assy For B Cylinder

DSC01008 z.jpg (28536 bytes) Item #26 (Models G or R Cylinder) AF871R Stop Pin With Spring   

Item #26 (Model A Cylinder) AA3749R Stop Pin With Spring

Item #26 (Model B Cylinder) AB3382R Stop Pin with Spring 

DCP_0284 z.jpg (31320 bytes)   DCP_0280  z.jpg (37206 bytes) Item #28 (Models G or A Cylinders) F827R Cylinder 

Item #28 (Model A Cylinder) A3162R Cylinder 

Item #28 (Model B Cylinder) B2161R Cylinder

DCP_0291 z.jpg (4719 bytes) Item #32 19H218D 3/8 X 1 (2 used)

DCP_0289 z.jpg (8000 bytes) Item #33 F836R Seal Retainer (Model G or R Cylinder) 

Item #33 A3172R Seal Retainer (Model A Cylinder) 

Item #33 B2170R Seal Retainer (Model B Cylinder) 

Item #35 AF872R  V seal assy (Model G or R Cylinder) 

Item #35 AA3741R V-Seal Assembly (Model A Cylinder)

Item #35 AB3381R V-Seal Assembly (Model B Cylinder)

14H 483 R Nut.jpg (9494 bytes)  Item #38 14H483R Nut (Model G or R Cylinder) 

Item #38 12H Nut (Model A Cylinder) 

Item #38 12H R Nut (Model B Cylinder)

DCP_0302 z.jpg (14687 bytes) 

DCP_0294 z.jpg (15028 bytes)

Pages 136 & 137 Powr-Trol Housing

z DCP_0117.jpg (45183 bytes)  Item #5 (Models G, R, A or B Cylinder) A3255R Cap Old Style $30.00ea Stock 

DSC01490 z.jpg (49500 bytes) Item #9 AA4980R Plug for Models G, A or B Old Style $50.00 ea In Stock

z DCP_0118.jpg (48123 bytes)  Item #25 (Models G or R Cylinder) F826R Coupling Old Style 3/4" female.   Item #25 (Models A or B Cylinder) A3134R with 1/2 internal threads. $55.00 ea in Stock

DSC00993 z.jpg (10303 bytes) Item #26 A3141RShear Washer $7.00 In Stock

Pages 138 & 139 Powr-Trol Valve Housing

A 3614 R Cap.jpg (64627 bytes) Item #5 (Models G, R, A or B) A3614R Cap New Style $30.00 ea in Stock


DSC01491 z.jpg (29381 bytes) Item #6 AA4981R Plug Models G, A or B New Style $50.00 Ea In Stock

A 3613 R Coupler.JPG (2128417 bytes) Item #26 (Models G or R Cylinder) F907R Coupler New Style 3/4" Pipe Female $93.00 ea in Stock New  Item #26 (Models A or B Cylinder)  A3613R Coupler New Style $54.00 in Stock

DSC01692 z.jpg (698086 bytes) DSC01690 z.jpg (55403 bytes) Page 156 &157 Item #1 AA5724R Selector Valve A, B, G & R $125.00 in Stock